Month: March 2016

Basketball Motivation – Playing With No Regrets

It's the off-season for most young basketball players in the country right now and it makes me wonder what kids are doing with their time.  I&m 38 years old and I still love playing basketball and working on my game.  I also have serious regrets about how my basketball career went.  I was one of the kids that worked hard on my game and even still, I wonder what if all the time.  I wish so bad I could go back and do certain things different which makes me pose the question, what are you doing today to be a better player?  
I ran into a High School friend of mine who decided that he did not want to play basketball his last year of High School.  It&s been 20 years now and he still wishes he would played.  Why did he play?  He had a girlfriend at the time and was very into his social life.  He wanted to have his freedom each day after school instead of being tied down with practice.  20 years later and it still bothers him.  The girlfriend is long gone and he does not even remember what he did after school.  It probably consisted of watching television and playing video games.
What are you doing today to be a better player?  What are you doing to insure that you won&t have any regrets 20 years from now? The opportunity to play organized basketball is a very short window in your life and you will most certainly look back in regret if you don&t take full advantage of it. 
The best players do what they have to do and then move on with life.  That means that they get up early and get the work in before doing anything else.  Usually we prioritize what&s important to us in and effort to make sure the important things get done first.  Get up in the morning and get to a gym.  If you have an issue with conditioning, then get out and do something else.  Do some jump-rope or organize some competitive scrimmage games. Do whatever you have to.   
What did I do to be a better player?  I spent my summers in a church gym in my strength shoes.  I jumped and ran and shot until I could not feel my arms or legs.  I shot off the dribble, off a jump-stop and worked on both hands.  Then I would go outside and run.  I would run hills in my strength shoes until I wore them out.  My motivation was getting that letter of intent that I had always dreamed of.  I just wanted to sign with a Division I program.
When I signed with the University of Utah it was one of the best days of my life.  It felt like all the work had paid off and was worth it.  But actually that&s where my regret comes in.  Once I signed I felt like I was done.  I felt like I had arrived.  I had spent so much time with that as my focus that I became content.  I thought I was good enough but really I wasn&t.  Set your sights on goals like scholarships but also set your sights on your potential and doing all that you can.  
The bottom line  living with regret is no fun. If you like basketball and you are good at it - give it the best you&ve got. You&re not going to have a young, strong and athletic body for the rest of your life. Don&t fool yourself into thinking that you&ve got all the time in the world and that you&ll get focused tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month and next month turns into next year. The window is too short for that.

All Types Of Jokes In Hindi

Hindi Jokes Are Very Popular In India People, Because Hindi Is India's Native Language.There Are So Many Types Of Hindi Jokes.We Can List Out These Jokes Like This:
1.Husband Wife Jokes: Husband Wife Jokes Are Very Popular In India.Husband Wife Jokes In Hindi Are Most Searchable In Indian People, Because Hindi Is India's National Language.
2.Sardar Jokes: Sardar Jokes Are Full Of Humour And Very Popular In India.
3.Bollywood Jokes: Bollywood Is The Cinema Of India.Its Named Like The Hollywood.In Bollywood There Are So Many Movies Made.Mainly In Bollywood There Is Trend Of Hindi Movies, Because Hindi Is India's National Language.In Bollywood There Are So Many Legend Actor And Actress, Those Are Popular World-Wide.The Lists Of Popular Actors Are:
Shahrukh Khan
Salman Khan
Amitabh Bacchan
Aamir Khan etc.
The List Of Popular Actress Of Bollywood:
Aishwarya Rai
Hema Malini
Rakhi etc.
4.Double Meaning Jokes: Double Meaning Jokes Are The Jokes That Says Something And Means Something.Double Meaning Jokes In Hindi Are Very Popular In Indian Students And Youth.
5.Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes: The Trend Of Girlfriend And Boyfriend IS Normal In Recent Scenerio.In India, This Type Of Relationship Is Also Increasing.And Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes Are Very popular In Indian Youth.Friends Send Jokes In Form Of Sms To Their Friends.
6.Engineer Jokes: Engineer Jokes Are New Topic For Jokes.In India, Now A Days, There Are Increasing So many Engineering Students.And There Are Different Types Of Engineering Jokes Are Possible Like:Civil, Software, Electrical, Mechanical etc. Engineering Jokes In Hindi Are Very Popular In Indian Enginners.
7.Rajnikanth Jokes: Rajnikanth Is the Most Popular Actor In India.Rajnikanth Jokes Are Also Pupular Category Of Hindi Jokes In India.
8.Doctor Patient Jokes: These Types Of Jokes Are Very popular In India.This Topic Is Very Important In India.



Life Insurance No Medical Exam

No exam life insurance plans offer consumers the chance to apply for and purchase protection without having to take any health examination to qualify.
Types of No Exam Life Insurance:
Permanent life insurance no exam &  Provides lifetime coverage for life insurance without requiring you to take any health exam. The rates for this type of coverage are usually much higher than for term life, since it will pay out a claim in the future, if you continue to pay your premiums.
Term life insurance No Exam &  Provides temporary life insurance for a set number of years without any exam needed. There are usually several health questions to be answered. You can choose from 10, 15 or 20 years of life insurance coverage with a no exam term life policy. These are level term life plans that have the same premium and amount of coverage through the term (duration) of your coverage.
Graded Benefit Life Insurance &  This type of plan offers a limited amount of insurance coverage with high premiums. Full death benefits are not available until you have been insured by the policy for at least 2-3 years, depending on the insurance policy.
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance &  Offers people a guaranteed amount of insurance protection without any health exam or questions, usually. The amount of coverage is limited and the rates are high compared to standard policies. These plans may be a good option for people who have been tuned down for life insurance from other insurers due to poor health, their age, weight, diabetes, etc.
Accidental Death Insurance &  Offers life insurance that pays out a death benefit as a result of death due to an accident. Some insurers offer up to $1,000,000 of coverage without any medical examinations required and with no health questions necessary.
What are Key Issues to Consider for No Exam Plans?
Age &  Some guaranteed plans offer coverage for people age 45-80, while other plans may offer coverage for people age 18 to 78.
Amount of coverage &  The amount of coverage available may vary by plan from $7,500 up to $300,000.
Rates &  Make sure to review your rate quoted for coverage and how long the rate is guaranteed to remain level &  the same, throughout the term or duration of your life insurance policy.
Limited death benefit for how long &  Graded benefit coverage provides a limited death benefit for the first 2-3 years you own your policy. If you die during this time-frame, your policy would usually just pay out the premiums you have paid, plus an interest rate on those premiums.
Waiting Period &  Is there a waiting period for your policy before full coverage is available? Some plans have a waiting period and others have full coverage from the first day you purchase your policy.
Rate Guarantee for how long &  Verify how long your premiums will remain the same each year, or if the premium will increase over time.
Term of coverage &  How many years does the policy provide you with life insurance protection?
Important Note:  Some plans offer no exam coverage while others do not require you to take a physical exam or answer any health questions.
Common Characteristics of No Exam Policies:
Same day coverage upon approval
No sale pressure &  No need to meet with an agent
Online application
Quick approval &  Usually within 1 day.
Insurance Companies offering No Exam Coverage:
Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
Fidelity Life
Garden State Life
Colonial Penn
Mutual of Omaha
Gerber Insurance
AARP/NewYork Life

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The Hardest Riddle in Mobile Technology Schemes Today

The software application development is becoming more severe due to the fact that multiple changes and versions of mobile operating systems come out almost every day. This is not new to the public since the mobile marketing news openly announce to the public mobile application misconduct. For instance, some features of iPhone 4s are not available in iPhone 4, or Windows Phone 8 is not working with the latest Windows phone devices. Android phones are slow with regard to upgrading mobile apps platform. And Android phone 2.2 versions will not enjoy the special feature of 4.4 versions.
The Possible Resolution to the Problem
For Mobile Technology Network
If majority of smartphone or tablet users become disconnected because of the limited service given by the network providers, this might take a toll on their IT department - and they need to find ways on how to resolve the issue, fast. It's not just pushing the level of wi-fi connection, it's more than that. 
One of the potential resolutions is to install better and stronger network connection indoors to carry out all the signals needed in every mobile device. So there will be no clogging or interruption from the volume of subscribers using the same network all at the same time. The use of small cells like picocells is considered one option to deliver this kind of service. The next proverbial solution is the broadband or the multi-operator distributed antenna system (DAS)
For Mobile Technology Application Software
The solution to this crisis is not yet defined. The problem will continue as long as a mobile app developer will not discover the right formula to make all developed mobile apps become compatible to every mobile devices present today. However, the only potential solution so far is to come up with one application mobile platform that can become useful to all existing modern mobile devices, but it& s still on the drawing board. The only thing that matters now is to let mobile app developers realize the urgency of the situation. And hoping that one day, they will come up with the right formula to produce a uniform mobile apps platform that is suitable to every Smartphone and tablet available today.
The Bright Future of Mobile Technology Trends
If these predicaments in mobile technology trends are finally resolved, you are rest assured that consumers and businesses from different industries will continue tapping the next big thing in the mobile device industry. Moreover, mobile marketing agencies will not become stressful of introducing the next big thing in mobile marketing technology schemes because consumers like you will always patronize what's new in the mobile digital market today.


Ferrets And Other Domestic Animals

You may wonder how your ferret will get along with an existing dog or cat in your home. You may be a ferret owner and be considering bringing a dog or cat into the home. How will your ferret react? 

The real question you should ask is how the other animal is going to react! For the most part, your ferret will see this other creature as a potential playmate. Dogs and cats, however, do not see things that way, unless they are very young when the animal meets the ferret. 

Ideally, you will pair a dog or cat with a ferret when both are still young. They will both be very playful, and will most likely get along well together for their entire lives. If you can't pair them together when they are young, you may have to settle some disputes before they do learn to get along - and depending on the dog or cat, they may never get along. 

It is important to remember that ferrets remain playful for their entire lives. Dogs and cats do not, and an older dog or cat may have issues with a ferret that is always 'bothering' them. Wars can quickly break out, teeth will gnash, and the fur will fly. 

Another issue at hand is territory. Dogs, cats, and ferrets are all territorial. Animals that have been in the home for a while have already established their territory - and that territory usually covers the entire home. A new animal in the home may be made to feel unwelcome. 

When you do put animals together, you must think in terms of 'sibling rivalry.' This will be a problem for the animals. If you give one more attention than you give the others, there will be jealousy, and again, wars may break out. Don't ever assume that animals don't feel jealousy. No matter how old they get, they are really 'forever young.' Make sure that they are getting equal attention - they won't grow out of it like human children will. 

It is best not to try to force the issue when introducing a ferret to a dog or cat. Stand back and let them interact with each other in the way that animals do. There may be a few skirmishes, and one will establish himself as the boss, while the other will concede to subservient status. You cannot intervene in this - it is the way of the jungle, and they have to settle it themselves. All you can really do is try to make sure that one doesn't do any serious bodily harm to the other. 

After the animals have had skirmishes, or even played together, make sure that you inspect each animal for any accidental injuries that could turn out to be quite serious. Cats and dogs also use claws and teeth when playing or fighting. Also, because scratches and bites may occur, make sure that all of the animals are healthy and vaccinated before you allow them to interact.


Ferret Shampoo