Jump Higher for Basketball

Jumping is a physical activity wherein the body moves itself towards the air and the body stays there for quite a second. Jumping involves putting force against the floor to generate a force reacting to move up the jumper away from the base. Like in basketball, jumping is the main movement and most players are faced with the question as to how to jump higher for basketball?

Increasing the height of the jump is not easy.  It needs time, energy, and of course, money. But the valuables spent on achieving this goal is well paid off especially in sports such as basketball, high and long jumps, volleyball and football.  There are many benefits in sports. Sports can contribute to the well-being of an individual – financial, emotional, social and even spiritual.  Sports promote health. Many sports minded people make sports as careers and these sports always pay high fees.

In order to know how to improve one’s jumping ability, observing high jumpers themselves is a wise move. Observing successful jumpers will bring about the knowledge of how to do it well and right. Why is jumping so easy for children? Why is jumping an enjoyable activity for them to do? Here are some observations:

1.  Children have less weight – lean bodies are easier to propel upwards because minimal force is applied to lift the body upwards. Children enjoy jumping because it is easy for them to do and the physical activity strengthens them.

2.  Children do it on a regular basis or even most of the time – children always play strenuous games such as Chinese garter (a game played by jumping over a rubber rope), skipping ropes or even jumping from a cliff or a tree.  It is observed that kids repeatedly do the action for longer hours without getting tired.

3.  Children have flexible bodies – there are no brittle bones yet in children so body parts are flexible.  Gymnasts are trained at very young ages because the body can still be trained to do all sorts of movements which are impossible to be done by older ones.

To jump higher for basketball, just like children, athletes must do the following:

1.  Lose weight – when there is less weight, there is less mass to move upward, thus, resulting in higher jumps.
2.  Build more strength – strong muscular exercises involving the legs, abdomen, hips and arms will result in increased strength.
3.   Improve flexibility – exercise the arms and legs by moving them to and fro like a swing and enable these body parts to go wherever they can to improve jump momentum.  If flexibility is not developed, the player cannot achieve body equilibrium.
4.  Train the muscles – when the muscles are trained, the body can do tremendous speedy movements.

The time, money and energy invested for the athlete’s training coupled with self discipline and a lot of sacrifices will surely enable the disciplined one to achieve goals, and so to jump higher for basketball should be a no sweat activity at all.

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