Why is Basketball a Great Sport to Keep Fit?

Why is Basketball a Great Sport to Keep Fit

On December 21, 1891, in Springfield, Massachusetts, players played the first-ever game of competitive basketball. Since that time, the game has undergone several transformations, but it remains a great outlet to keep both mind and body healthy — even former U.S. President Barack Obama fancies a game every once in a while, as part of his daily regimen. 
Basketball is perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Playing the game for an hour can help burn approximately 600 calories for a 165-pound person, while a 250-pound person can hope to burn up to 900 calories, due to the running, jumping and quick lateral movements encompassing the sport. 

It is also a fantastic way to build up cardiovascular endurance, which is especially useful later on in life, as it reduces the chances for heart disease or stroke. 
Also, regardless of whether you are out shooting hoops by yourself, playing a game of pick-up basketball or competing in a professional league, basketball requires a lot of self-discipline. Ignoring or disavowing the rules of the sport can lead to a penalty for the person and the team, leading to a loss, so the game also instills respect for authority, while ensuring that players remain mindful of the team’s needs. Exercising self-discipline promotes competitiveness, yet fair play, which is crucial if one is to get ahead in life. 

Jumping and other physical requirements of playing the game are vital elements in increasing bone strength. The stronger your bones are, the less prone they will be to breaking. Due to the weight-bearing physical activity involved in the game, new bone tissue is likely to form making bones less brittle. 
A player can hope to increase his or her hand-eye coordination through free-throw shooting and jump-shooting at the net. Rebounding missed shots necessitates full-body coordination, while dribbling requires alertness and ability. Once an individual plays the game often enough, whether it be in professional or amateur contests, players will find that these skills become second nature to them. Animation of before Basketball and during Basketball

Spatial awareness also improves significantly due to the sport, since you become more aware of your body and the area around you, during a game. Body awareness helps maintain balance, ensuring you are always aware of where you are at a particular time. 
Apart from being physically taxing, the game of basketball is also very mentally draining as well. The game requires a player to be mentally active at all times, surveying the field and ensuring that he or she has an eye on the opposing team and its player. Only a mentally strong player can analyze the state of the opposing team effectively, or bounce back from a heavy defeat in quick time, before the next game. 
Playing sports is also known to decrease stress levels and increase camaraderie among people from diverse backgrounds. Playing basketball and other games allow players to socialize in a healthy environment. Depression is less likely among more social people, who tend to have a stronger immune system and a healthier outlook on life.

Excelling in sports can lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. A confident person places greater faith in his or her abilities and is likely to have a better disposition facing challenges of life. A confident and self-aware person is more likely to succeed off the court as well, leading to better career progression. 
In conclusion, I would say that the game of basketball teaches you about being a good team player and can lead to a person becoming a more healthy individual, both mentally and physically. Children of all ages should participate in the sport and so should adults — after consulting with their doctor. 
A forewarning, the game tends to put a lot of stress on the body and injuries can happen, so warming up, stretching your muscles and joints, and cooling down after the game is necessary if you want to avoid any physical damage. Having fluids on hand will help rehydrate regularly. 
Lastly, playing the game in the right spirit is also vital. The sport can act as a bridge between communities and regular players in an area should encourage people from diverse backgrounds to partake in the game, to create an atmosphere of friendship and fun, which can help break down negative stereotypes and tensions.